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  1. I need an easy sorbet recipe?
    I’d rather if it could be something I could make in a magic bullet or blender rather than an ice cream maker- those can be such a hassle.

    anyway, I’d like something where you can just subtitute different fruits with the same recipe.

    oh, and it’s ok if it has to chill for a few hours. I got time.

    Thanks! God Bless!!!


      frozen strawberries
      vanilla ice cream
      Sprite or 7-up
      ice cubes

      In a blender, put in frozen strawberries, ice, and Sprite (or 7-up) blend until smooth. add as much vanilla ice cream as u wish and blend it all together for a quick easy dessert that will be ready in 10 minutes!

  2. Can i make ice cream with a regular blender instead of an ice cream maker?
    This may sound like a pretty dumb question, but i’ve never made home made ice cream before! I just bought some hemp seeds to try to make some hemp ice cream at home (its amazing u guys need to try it!) but all the recipes call for an ice cream maker. can i make ice cream in a regular blender? or like the magic bullet? (i’d prob use the magic bullet … would i need to use the flat blade or the other one?) THANK YOU ! !

    • No, you need the cold from an ice cream maker to make the ice cream Also the blender would move it to fast the paddle on an ice cream maker moves Very slow.

  3. Where can I get another manual for my Magic Bullet appliance? I?
    I cannot find the manual for my Magic Bullet appliance and have not used it enough to know how to work everything. So I really need to find another one somewhere. Does anyone know of a number I can call to find out if I can get another one? Thank you.

    • The Magic Bullet is an entirely new concept in labor-saving devices. Unlike bulky blenders and unwieldy food processors that most of us only pull out of storage for specific recipes and special occasions, the Magic Bullet is so handy, so versatile and easy to use that you’ll put it to work EVERY single day (probably several times a day). Best of all, it saves you time because it does almost any job in the kitchen in 10 seconds or less!
      The secret to the Magic Bullet’s time-saving efficiency is the specially designed blade and unique bullet-shaped design that automatically circulates food back into the cyclonic cutting zone with so much force and speed that it can do virtually any job in 10 seconds or less.

      Using the Magic Bullet Couldn’t Be Easier
      There are no buttons to press, no complicated manuals to read. Simply place one of the Bullet Cups or Party Mugs on to the High-Torque Power Base and press…it’s a snap! With the easy-to-use Magic Bullet, you can make delicious party dips like salsa, guacamole and bean dip, refreshing frozen margaritas and pina coladas, a variety of tantalizing pasta sauces, decadent desserts such as creamy chocolate mousse or frosty milkshakes and more. All with virtually no effort and no clean up. And all in 10 seconds or less.

      Using the Magic Bullet is as easy as 1, 2, 3 …
      1. Load the ingredients into the Short Cup, Tall Cup, or Party Mug.

      2. Twist on the Cross, or Flat Blade until the blade and cup have a tight seal.

      3. Line up the tabs, place the bullet on the Power Base and press down on the cup to turn it on.

      Here’s how it works: As long as you’re holding it down, the Magic Bullet is on. When you want the blades to stop, simply let go.

      Or, for hands-free operation: Press down and gently turn the cup clockwise until the tabs lock under the lip of the Power Base. Now the Magic Bullet is in Lock On mode where the motor runs continually. To turn it off, simply twist the cup back counterclockwise and release the cup.

      Mastering the Magic Bullet “Mixing” Techniques is a snap!
      Lock On Mode is the hands free mode you use to blend foods until they achieve a smooth consistency. This is the technique for preparing creamy dishes like chocolate mousse, smoothies and frozen cocktails.

      Here are some video clips that demonstrate the Lock On technique:

      Blended Iced Coffee Drink
      Whipped Cream

      The Pulsing Technique is the one to use when you want chunky, textured dishes such as guacamole, egg salad or bean dip.

      The most important thing to remember about “Pulsing” is that as you use one hand to tap down on the top of the cup, you need to use your other hand to apply counter- clockwise pressure to the cup.

      Here are some video clips that demonstrate the Pulsing Technique:

      Chopping Onions
      Mincing Garlic
      Chunky Salsa

  4. What are some good recipes for the magic bullet?
    We just got a magic bullet, and I want to find some really good recipes to use with it.

    • I love my magic bullet! I make salsa in it all the time…just put some cherry tomatoes, onion, a spoonful of minced garlic, a shake of pepper, cilantro, and a squirt of lemon juice.

      I also love to make fruit smoothies…you can put whatever you like…strawberries, banana, blueberries…mix with vanilla ice cream. So good!

  5. What is a good holiday drink recipe?
    A co-worker got us one of the Magic Bullet’s for Christmas this year, and we wanted to break it in tonight by trying some sort of a blended holiday drink recipe (containing alcohol,please). We need to know some good recipes that you’ve tried. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    • french vanilla ice cream, shot of creme de cocoa, two shots of brandy, the good stuff please, no skimping and blend away if you want it real exotic add a mint leaf that is fresh and blend away it is a brandy Alexander and a great holiday treat especially if you put just a tiny touch of nutmeg on the top when you hand it over to the rest of the party happy sweet new year

  6. Does anyone know any good recipes for dieting people.?
    Me and my dad are doing a workout and we also want to be healthy. I would like to know if there are any low cal, low sugar, meals that would still be good tasting. Also, something that will not be to traditional.

    • if you have a blender, you could make a lot of stuff like……..(magic bullets work too, i use it)
      Smoothies… u could make them with-
      apples,pineapples,yogurt,ice cream (low fat),strawberries, fruit juice(s), kiwi,ice, etc..

      Pasta Sauce… healthy on noodles maybe even whole wheat noodles, u can’t tell the difference.

      tomatoes, herbs,peppers,zucchini,squash,pepper,salt,spices,mushrooms,etc.

      if you don’t have a blender…

      you could make GRILLED chicken breasts and rice w/ steamed veggies(mushrooms,brocoli,peppers,zuchini,squash) yummy!!

      you can also make lasanga, there are healthy recipes on the foodnetwork.com

      Healthy milkshakes with lowfat ice cream too! yummy!!

      you could also make bread in the oven too! (banana nut, pumpkin,etc.)

      you can find a recipe for everything you could imagine on foodnetwork.com

      good luck!!!!!!!!! ( everything tastes better than you think!) believe me, i’ve tried them all!

  7. anyone know any good recipes for the magic bullet that involves chocolate ice cream?
    i have chocolate icecream, coffee, and ice mocha powder and alot of other stuff any good recipes?

    • The shake idea is a good one, here’s one for the coffee

      1/4 cup heavy cream
      1 tsp flavoring (I like vanilla or caramel, your ice mocha powder might work here as well)
      1 cup of fresh brewed coffee

      put the cream in short cup whip up to froth, about 2 sec., then you put this in coffee mug, pour your hot coffee and flavoring in mug, stir with a spoon, it will all mix and the froth will rise, then you can sprinkle or drizzle little bit choc syrup, or strawberry, or whatever you like

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